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On-Board and Frame Adapted


The ALR3002 pneumatic applicator intended to dry fertilizer or soybean seed can be fitted on 6, 8, 12, 16, 24 or 32 row planters. Easier to back up then with a pulled behind cart and easier to do your head land too.

  • Maximum Capacity5.5 ton (12 100lbs)
  • Volume5200 liter (184 cubic feet)
  • Maximum application width24 m (80 feet)


The ALR3004 pneumatic applicator is built to be installed on no-till drill for soybean, wheat and all other small seed. Also available with second compartment, to allow 5 different configurations to apply seed and dry fertilizer at the same time.

  • Maximum Capacity5 ton (11 000 lbs)
  • Volume5820 litre (205 cubic feet)
  • Maximum application width12 m (40 feet)


The ALR1500P precision pneumatic applicator for dry fertilizer and seed can be hooked up on front of the tractor or on the back with a 3 point hitch..

  • Maximum Capacity2.5 ton (5 500lbs)
  • Volume2300 litre (81 cubic feet)
  • Maximum application width12 m (40 feet)