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Fertilizer Cart


The ALR2103AM pneumatic applicator can position the fertilizer with high accuracy. It can hook up an air-drill or 6 or 8 single or dual row planter. The very accurate pneumatic spreader incorporates fertilizer using a single disk opener providing a high quality work both at the planting time until later during the growing season with an air boom 12 m (40’), a strip till…

  • Maximum capacity4 tons (8 820 lbs)
  • Volume3800 liter (135 cubic feet)
  • Transport width3.35 m (11 feet)


The ALR2304AM pneumatic applicator is an ALL IN ONE machine very versatile with high capacity. It can be fitted with a fertilizer boom. It can also be equipped with a tool bar for fertilizer application with disks or shanks. It can hook up units for Zone-Till, an air-drill, an 8 or 12 row planter and a band or boom spreader of 18 m (60’).

  • Maximum capacity5 tons (11 000 lbs)
  • Volume7000 liter (247 cubeic feet)
  • Transport width4.88 m (16 feet)


The ALR1500P pneumatic applicator can be added on a cart. With is 12 m (40’) air-boom, you’re going to have the best spreading pattern even on a windy day.

  • Maximum capacity1.5 to 2 tons (3 300 to 4 400 lbs)
  • Volume1500 liter (53 cubic feet)
  • Transport width3 m (10 feet)


The ALR2004GT pneumatic applicator for dry fertilizer can blow fertilizer in the application boom with high accuracy over the entire working width of 18 m (40’).

  • Maximum capacity5 tons (11 000 lbs)
  • Volume7000 litre (24 cubic feet)
  • Transport width3.35 m (11 feet)